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Bel het bedrijf op om te vragen of het klopt. Twijfel je aan de juistheid van een link? Momenteel zijn er drie meest voorkomende methodes van phishing.: E-mail: Check de aanhef, de afzender en de bijlagen. Is deze vaag, onherkenbaar, of heeft de e-mail een bijlage met exe. Wordt er gevraagd om geld, moet je heel snel betalen? Grote kans dat je te maken hebt met phishing. Check of de aanhef algemeen is, zoals Beste klan t, of Geachte meneer/mevrouw, Hoe onpersoonlijker, hoe groter de kans dat het niet echt is. Check of het e-mailadres van de afzender vaag, onduidelijk of anders dan normaal is. Internetcriminelen maken vaak een e-mailadres dat héél erg lijkt op het origineel. Bijvoorbeeld in plaats van, of in plaats van Wordt je gevraagd om je persoongegevens aan te leveren of te controleren?
Website URL Scanners Link Checker addons for browser.
We have already seen a list of some online URL Scanners that will scan websites for malware, virus, phishing threats. URL Scanner addons for your browser. Here are some link checker browser add-ons that will check the URLs for you.
Top 5 URL Scanner Tools to Check If a Website is Safe.
Virus Total is another familiar name in the field of vulnerability checking and web security. Not only suspicious URLs, Virus Total also assist you to analyze any doubtful files or IP Address to detect different types of malware. It provides detailed report about malicious files, blacklisted status, external links detected and much more. This link checker site provides detailed information about whether you should really browse this particular website or not.
VirusTotal Wikipedia.
VirusTotal's' Windows Uploader 8 was an application that integrates into the Explorer's' right-click contextual menu, listed under Send To Virus Total. The application also launches manually for submitting a URL or a program that is currently running in the OS.
Check if a Website is Malicious/Scam or Safe/Legit URLVoid.
With URLVoid you can analyze a website through 30 blacklist engines and online website reputation services to facilitate the detection of fraudulent and malicious websites. Identify websites involved in malware and phishing incidents. URLVoid is used by cyber security companies and IT researchers to speed-up the process of cyber threat analysis, you can better identify potentially malicious websites that have been classified as a threat by multiple trusted sources. When you submit a website you can view its safety report, which includes names of blacklists used for scanning and a link to their respective report, details about the website's' IP address, domain creation date, server location, and more.
How do I check a website for malware without infecting my own machine? Ask Leo!
Web Link Checker, because I know Leo wouldnt allow sites mentioned in His Comments section to go to a Harmful web page. Thank You for the comment and Thank You Leo for having a Safe Place to learn this here complicated stuff.
Five ways to check shortened links for safety by James White Medium.
Five ways to check shortened links for safety. Verify a destination site is safe and suitable before you click a shortened URL. Oct 2, 2017 4 min read. Image Credit: susanvandijk / Pixabay. L ink shortening services are great for squeezing long URLs into tiny places. A shortened link is a URL with fewer characters that redirects to a longer destination URL.
How To Check Out A Suspicious Link Before You Click On It.
Use a link checker. If the other methods here are too laborious for you, then consider installing an extension for your web browser which will warn you of websites it considers dangerous and will stop you from visiting such web pages when you click on links in other apps.
Broken Link Checker Wtyczka WordPress Polska.
A notification will also appear in the Broken Link Checker widget on the Dashboard. To save display space, you can keep the widget closed and configure it to expand automatically when problematic links are detected. E-mail notifications need to be enabled separately in Settings Link Checker.
LinkChecker / List linkchecker-user Archives.
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